Exchange HTTP OWA Redirect

Beginning with Exchange 2013 CU 6, the Exchange 2013/2016 itself performs redirection from the default website to the /OWA virtual directory. That means that if a user goes to Exchange will redirect the user’s browser to But what about http? If a user goes to, he expects to be redirected to mail page

Technet recommends this way So you need to configure Redirect request and SSL requirements of the Default Web Site and all virtual directories. Not so simple and you will need to perform this operation after any Cumulative Update installation or certificate change.

I recommend more simple way to implement HTTP redirection on Exchange Servers.

  • Open IIS Manager on the Exchange Server and select the server name.
  • Double-click Error Pages.
  • Click the Add action on the right and create a new error page for status code 403.4 that responds with a 302 redirect to as shown below.


The default website is configured to require SSL, so a user who tries to connect via HTTP will get redirected to, rather than getting an error page “HTTP 403 Forbidden”.

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