New experience and Office 365 support new interface now is available for users. Looks almost identically as Microsoft Exchange Outlook Web App.



What’s new:

  1. Renewed interface
  2. Increased speed, works very fast, no loading dots.
  3. Add-ins. You can choose from hundreds add-ins.I like restaurant finder Zomato, PayPal for Outlook, Yelp, Uber Ride reminder, Package tracker, Boomerang.outlook05
  4. All-new options menu. It’s clear and fast.outlook06
  5. Now you can pin important messages at the top of your inbox.outlook07
  6. Suggestion box. You can share your ideas or feedback with Outlook team.outlook08
  7. Mentions.Now it’s easy to draw someone’s attention to a request or question you have for them. Just add an @ symbol and their name to an email message or calendar item and they’ll be notified automatically.
  8. New Calendar design.
  9. New Outlook People design. You still cannot change contact pictures.
  10. Full Office 365\Exchange support!!! Good bye, IMAP! Add-ins and add-ins store also works with Outlook 2016 client.outlook10outlook11

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