Deprecating support for SmartScreen in Outlook and Exchange

On November 1, 2016, Microsoft will stop generating updates for the SmartScreen spam filters in Exchange Server, Outlook and Outlook 2011 for Mac. The SmartScreen spam filter will be removed from future versions of Exchange Server and Outlook for Windows.

Microsoft will stop producing new spam definition updates to the SmartScreen filters in Exchange and Outlook. The existing SmartScreen filter and definitions will be left in place, and continue to provide some basic level of protection. The current definition will continue to junk some obvious spam emails, with an effectiveness that will degrade over time.

Customers using Outlook with Office 365 (for work email) or (for personal email) already have the advanced spam and malware protection found in Exchange Online Protection built into those services. These customers need to take no action.

Customers using Exchange Server should ensure they have their spam protection solution properly configured before November 1, 2016. Customers not using a separate spam solution today can purchase Exchange Online Protection.

via The Exchange Team






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